3 Common Misconceptions

When planning your wedding flowers

For many, planning a wedding quickly becomes a second job, one you get thrown into suddenly without any staff training! I can’t help solve every issue you might face, but I can perhaps cover a few floral assumptions you might not even realize you have!

greenery is not cheaper

Focal greenery has exploded in popularity, as it should because there are some beautiful flowerless plants available these days! But think about that phrase – focal greenery. Just like with your favorite focal flowers, these specialty foliages can also carry a hefty price-tag. A full, lush bouquet or garland requires a lot of layered product and can add up quickly.

We love greenery too! But don’t plan your wedding around an abundant greenery look expecting it to cost less than traditional flowers.

Bonus tip: the same rule applies for babysbreath too. 

asking for "scraps"

I highly recommend talking with your photographer, baker, or coordinator about whether they’re going to want accent florals for their work ahead of time. Flowers are expensive and florists are trained to make the most of their product, and thus they try hard not to have extra flowers. For me, I want to limit waste in any way I can, to lower the impact my work has on the environment and the floral industry – my scraps really are scraps, and they will not look nice in close-up detail photos.

Plan ahead for these details by ordering a couple extra stems at least a few weeks before your wedding – while your florist still has time to add to your order. This way your florist can feel confident they’re only giving you beautiful product and they won’t have to crawl along the floor the day before trying to find usable cut-offs!

you need matching centerpieces

We all love mismatching design these days and you can take this trick farther than you’d think!

You don’t need a full floral centerpiece for every guest table. Choose a third of your tables and have a larger, statement piece arranged instead. This will bring drama and impact to your reception without the large price-tag that these arrangements can carry at volume. On the other tables, perhaps arrange an assortment of candles or even just the table number in a beautiful accent frame.

We want to make grand arrangements as much as you want to see them! If you have a smaller space or a limited floral budget, this is a way to bring that drama without quite the same price-tag.

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