My Story

I’m Emily, someone who used to joke that the solution to teenage stress was to quit school and work in a flower shop, only to actually fall in love with floral design. My first exposure to a floral design class was when I was fifteen, and I remember strongly how happy I was leaving that class everyday, my hair adorned with another castoff sprig of leaf or filler. 

I have an ethereal and romantic imagination, a passionate love for beautiful things, and a need to be creative. Since I have an eye for design and an appreciation for natural beauty, the floral industry has been a wonderful fit for me.

My floral style leans towards woodland garden romance, reflecting my love of fairytale fantasy. I enjoy may forms of art and expression, but there’s something unique about areas like floral design that, like much of nature itself, are only with you for a limited time. Your memories can become more beautiful and meaningful than the arrangement and moment in time was itself. 

My Background

I’ve been working in the floral industry since 2014. My foundational training I learned here in Manchester, NH, primarily from a wonderful woman trained in her home country of South Korea and Japan, countries known for their design and technique. I’ve since followed up with additional experiences and classes at locations like The Flower School New York in NYC. In these years I’ve seen much of the beauty this industry has to bring (it’s what keeps me here day after day!), but I’ve also seen many of its bad habits. I think we can do better, and this has become central to the creation of my business. 


My Philosophy

My hope and goal is to indulge with you in the beauty of nature through organic mediums, all while prioritizing sustainable methods and materials. I plan to prioritize local businesses and artists where applicable and aim to continue learning about sustainability as I grow.  

I love indulging in luxury and opulence. Here you’ll find me balancing these desires with the healthier habits our earth needs us to learn, all with the goal of creating romance and magic with my floral design. 

If this resonates with you too, let’s work together. 

Emi Floral Studio

Floral Design by Emily Lambert

Based in Bedford | New Hampshire | 03110

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