A Price Guide for Wedding Flowers

3 Scenarios to help estimate the cost of your wedding

Wedding costs can add up quickly! Since it can be helpful to have a heads-up, included below are three scenarios that give you an idea of what to expect when dreaming up your event.

a floral accent

This couple is looking for the basic floral accents for their wedding. They’re expecting under 100 guests and plan to include personal flowers for the bridal party and significant guests. Perhaps the venue comes with an arbor or statement window backdrop indoors and the couple wants only minimal floral decoration to accent this. 

The couple asks for a simple and lovely bridal bouquet, 2-5 bridesmaid posy bouquets, 2-9 boutonnieres, 5-8 centerpieces, and either a floral arch piece across the center of the arch, or 2 arrangements in urns to either side of the ceremony spot. 

Budget: $1,500 to $3,000. Depending on the number of people in your wedding party, there is room here to add another floral arrangement for the bar or floral accents on seating chart or welcome signs. Some decor pieces like urn arrangements can be moved to frame the sweetheart table after the ceremony, repurposing designs and adding another element to the reception. 

the floral classics

This couple is looking for all the classic floral pieces, from handheld bouquets, to table accents, to a ceremony centerpiece.  

The couple asks for a lush bridal bouquet, 2-5 bridesmaid bouquets, 2-9 boutonnieres, a flower girl crown, 6-10 centerpieces, a sweetheart table arrangement, and either a floral arch piece across the center of the arch, or 2 arrangements in urns to either side of the ceremony spot. 

Budget: $3,500 to $5,000. Depending on the size of the wedding party, there could be room for another element in the ceremony, or perhaps decorations for seating chart or welcome signs.  

a floral statement

This couple is similar to our first couples, with a similarly sized guest list and wedding party. However this couple is looking for more

This couple asks for a heavily decorated arbor and two large arrangements at the beginning of the aisle, as well as ground pieces lining aisle. They ask for a large and full bridal bouquet, 2-5 bridesmaid bouquets and 2-9 boutonnieres. The bride would like to wear an elaborate floral headpiece instead of a veil, and wants a mini version for her flower girl. For the reception this couple asks for a large focal piece on the tables. Perhaps this means a large centerpiece on each table, maybe suspended on a stand to add height and dimension to the venue space. Or perhaps this means a couple lush garlands for a few long tables. They would like a statement floral installation around the sweetheart table and floral arrangements for the bar, the bathroom, and the cocktail tables during cocktail hour. 

Budget: $8,000 to $15,000. This couple is in for a flower heavy wedding! Sometimes pieces like aisle lining ground arrangements and urns can be moved around significant areas like the sweetheart table, a great option for repurposing arrangements. Large floral arrangements can make a notable impact on the feeling of your venue space, but they add up quickly! This is a good thing to consider when gathering your inspiration images. 

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