4 Fun Low-Waste Wedding Centerpieces

Eco-friendly decor inspiration

Eco-friendly centerpiece inspiration for the couple planning a low-waste, sustainable wedding. 

potted plants

A potted plant is a sweet alternative to the traditional vase arrangement. For a clean and refined look, use simple containers in your color palette and uniform plants like culinary herbs. Add a top dressing like rocks or moss to further elevate the design. For an earthy, wild look, choose fun containers, or classic terracotta pots, filled with colorful, blooming wildflowers. They’ll look even more wild if they’re overgrown and spilling out of their pots. 

Bonus points if you’re able to have the plants grown from seed in your area for the lowest carbon footprint. 


bud vase collection

A wedding favorite is the collection of assorted bud vases. These assortments can take up the same amount of space as a standard centerpiece, but require fewer flowers to fill, thus reducing the overall fresh product waste. 

Bonus points if the vases are rented for lower new product usage. 

statement vases

Looking for the most unique centerpieces you can find?  Consider sourcing large statement vases as the focal point for your centerpieces. Each vase can have a selection of flowers, or one or two large blooms as an accent, but the main feature here is the vases themselves. Only filling the vases with a few focal flowers lowers the waste of fresh product. 

Bonus points if the vases are rented for lower new product usage.

rented candles

For the lowest possible fresh product waste, try renting rechargeable candles for your centerpiece. No leftover flowers or standard wax candles, this option only requires the reusable candles and clear holders or vases for them, also often available as rentals. We’ve all seen the atmospheric transformation that candlelight can provide to a space, making these fantastic on their own or a beautiful addition to one of the previous suggestions. 

Bonus points for being the only option that requires entirely no new product production. 

As a floral designer, I love lush arrangements and centerpieces full of beautiful flowers, but I also recognize the impact pieces like these, and events in general, can have on the earth. At Emi Floral, I am more than happy to help with any of these alternative centerpieces, whether growing herb or wildflower centerpieces or purchasing the perfect vase for you to rent for your event. Whether you’re looking for full floral, or just a touch, I’d love to chat with you!

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