Caring for Your Floral Gift

Hi there! 

I hope you are thrilled with your flowers from my studio. Below are some care tips and recommendations for responsible disposable of any packaging materials you might have received with your gift.

General Care

Linked here is a basic guide to extending the life of your flowers through proper care and treatment. To summarize: change water frequently or add fresh water daily and keep out of direct sunlight.  

1. Change water or add water fresh water daily to arrangement

2. Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight of under heating or cooling vents

3. Remove faded blossoms as they appear to prevent the other flowers from passing quicker

Linked here is a more detailed guide to proper care and tips for extending the life of your flowers.


Seed Tag 

The tag that brought you to this page!

This information tag is printed on Seed Paper. Embedded in the paper are wildflower seeds that will grow when planted in a pot with soil and watered like any other garden plant. If you would like to read more about directions for planting or how seed paper works, you can visit Botanical Paperworks here.

If you choose not to plant your flower seeds, you can compost the tag at home. My hope is that this extends the enjoyment of your floral gift for a little while longer.