Sustainability FAQs

One of the largest waste contributors of the floral industry is the energy required to grow and transport the flowers at the optimal temperature. In an effort to contribute to that as little as possible, Emi Floral Studio works to source flowers locally as much as possible, when possible. 

Local sourcing can offer beautiful, unique flowers and greenery. If there is a particular flower you just love, consider planning your event during that flower’s season to have the best options available. However, I always recommend falling in love with a design aesthetic or color palette, not specific flowers, to best achieve your dream look. 

The most sustainable choice we can make when it comes to our arrangement’s containers is to reuse and reduce. 

I offer vase rentals for just this purpose. Using vases multiple times for multiple events gives these beautiful vessels the longest life. Renting also lowers the demand you and Emi Floral put on the production and shipping of new vases and containers. 

Renting is a great opportunity to help reduce the waste involved in your event.

Emi Floral Studio is a floral foam free business. 

The mechanics I choose to use for your florals are eco-friendly wherever possible. This includes using beautiful organically dyed silk ribbons to wrap bouquets, beeswax waxed hemp twine to tie bouquets, reusable and recyclable chicken wire holders for installation and bowl arrangements, and new biodegradable “foam” alternatives.

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